What We Do

Roundforge exists to provide high quality, technical articles, guides, and calculators for anyone that's into fourwheeling, 4x4, overlanding, and fabrication.

As you probably know, there is a lot of content and opinion out there in forums. We write relevant articles based on as many facts and figures as we can. If we can visually show how something works in a graph or an image, we do that too.

We'd like to be the authoritative source on safe recoveries, winching, and finding the right products for your rig and the experiences that you want to have.

Why You Should Listen to Us

The writers at Roundforge have decades of combined experience in fourwheeling and building a variety of vehicles, including Toyotas, Jeeps, Chevies, and Fords.

Accuracy Is Important!

We do our best to make sure that our information is free of mistakes. But, of course, with the auto industry, this can be super difficult!

Manufacturers change things year to year, sometimes they change things in the middle of the year, and sometimes, some specifications are just really ambiguous to begin with. For instance, that's why it's better to do the "spin test" rather than read the diff codes on earlier 4Runners to figure out your gear ratio.

Sometimes a manufacturer will make a product that should universally fit with other parts on your rig, but not everything works together on the first go. For instance, a Warn M12000 winch on a 60 Series Land Cruiser with an ARB winch bumper may require you to clock the winch housing to make it fit - not hard but probably unexpected.

We also highly value reader input. We try hard to avoid making mistakes, but if you see one, please let us know! Our content often improves due to reader contributions. It was a reader who told us about the slightly clocked, low drop pitman arm from the FJ80 that we added to our Toyota pitman arm article (great for your budget if you don't want a high drop or very expensive chromoly arm!).

Who We Are

Author at roundforge.com
Winch in a Foot Forward Configuration
In this configuration, there are compression forces on the plate. The bolts mostly just hold your winch on.

Tyler Branham

Tyler is the chief editor at Roundforge. He started off his fourwheeling obsession with a '78 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 that arrived with one door and a rusted tub, and turned it into a linked, 350ed, and bobbed rockcrawler.

Over the years, he's been thankful for the opportunities to wheel public lands in the West, explore tight East Coast trails, learn lots about welding and fabwork, and has spent many nights outside after arriving on four wheels (or two!).

Tyler builds the calculators and graphical visualizations for this site to help you make better decisions on how to set up your rig. Got an idea? Let him know!