5 Ways to Upgrade Toyota Knuckle Studs

We can all agree with one thing: Toyota steering studs have problems with loosening and shearing when wheeling hard and with heavy rigs. How can you prevent broken knuckle studs? Here's the deal: You can do this on the cheap with a $5 mod, spend several hundred dollars to replace …

4.10, 4.56, 4.88, 5.29 - What gears should you get for your Toyota?

Choosing gears for your Toyota mini truck, Tacoma, or 4Runner is a dilemma. So many ratios, so many brands, different diffs, pinion splines, and more! Gears, setup kits, and installation are expensive, so this is a mod you usually want to do only once. We'll try to clear up some …

The Hi-Lift Jack Buyer's Guide

When you're fourwheeling, getting stuck on the trail is part of the adventure. It's kind of part of the point of wheeling in the first place - conquering unconquerable obstacles. But: We all still want to get unstuck also! No one wants to sleep in their truck or leave it …

All About Stock Toyota Birfields

  • Birfields come in 24 and 27 splines stock, plus 30 splines aftermarket
  • Birfields have chamfers and slots that need to be assembled properly
Toyota Hilux Inner Axle Cage and Inner Race-2, Stock (left) and 30 spline Longfield (right)

All About Winch Cable

  • In a perfect recovery setup, winch cable is the weakest link
  • Steel winch cable is also known as aircraft cable
  • Winch cable has a breaking strength about 16% of a 3/4" shackle
7x19 WSC Wire Rope (Wire Strand Core)

Cheap 4.88 Gears: 4.88s straight from Toyota

  • 4.88s came stock in some Toyotas
  • Most common in ‘92-‘95 Toys with V6/31” tires/auto tranny, tow package
  • Specially cast third member means that it can't be inexpensively regeared
Toyota High Pinion Third Member

The Warn M8000 and M8 Winch Buyer's Guide

  • Relatively cheap winch with a long history that is made in America
  • Newest model is known as the M8
  • Parts, manuals, and upgrades here
Warn M8/M8000 Winch - Front

How Much Do Synthetic Winch Rope and Wire Rope Weigh?

  • Save significant weight by switching to synthetic plus aluminum hawse
  • Synthetic is stronger than steel at the same diameter
Warn Spydura Synthetic Winch Rope

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