Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Specs

Rated capacity 10000 lbs. @ 3.9 ft/min
Max GVWR 6667 lbs.
Power 3.6 HP 12V Electric
Model number 11008
Weight 85 lb
Line 85' 3/8" Steel
Size 21.9" X 10.5" X 5.6"
Attributes Electric Not Waterproof Wired Steel
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Last updated: Sep 11, 2019

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Max Weight Capacity ↑TOP

Maximum Vehicle Weight

You need a winch with a capacity of at least: 6750 Pounds

With your GVWR of 4500 pounds this winch is strong enough for your vehicle. This winch's capacity is times your GVWR.

Manufacturers recommend a winch capacity 1.5-2 times your GVWR.

Winch Pulling Power vs. Cable Layers

In our chart, you can see that this winch, like all winches, is more powerful with fewer wraps of cable on the drum.

If you need more pulling power, use a winch anchor that's further away or use a snatch block.

More spooled out winch line = More pulling power!

Safety issue! The first layer should always have at least 5 wraps of cable on the winch drum when the winch is under load.

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Pulling Power per Cable Layer


Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Pulling Power per Cable Layer
Cable Layers Pounds
1 10000 lbs.
2 8000 lbs.
3 6600 lbs.
4 5600 lbs.

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Winch Lines ↑TOP

In the next chart, we look at when different winch line configurations will break when you use the Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008.

Stock winch line: 85' 3/8" diameter Steel

Winch lines break because they get overloaded.

Synthetic winch lines have higher breaking strengths than steel for a given diameter.

Some wheelers switch their winch line - some go up a size in synthetic (i.e. 5/16" to 3/8") to get more strength. Others will go down a size (i.e. 3/8" to 5/16") to get extra length while choosing a synthetic winch rope that has at least as much strength as the factory steel cable.


  • If you're really stuck, help your winch motor and winch line by either digging/moving dirt or repositioning your rig with a Hi-Lift Jack.
  • A double winch line using a snatch block is much safer (though slower) than a single winch line.
  • Use a winch line damper.

Winch Line Breaking Strength vs. Your GVWR

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Power ↑TOP

Power Type Electric
Motor Voltage 12V
Gear Ratio 216:1
Gear system Three Stage Planetary
Clutch Free Spooling
Brake Dynamic
Fastest linespeed 15.7 ft/min pulling 0 lbs.
Slowest linespeed 3.9 ft/min pulling 10000 lbs.

We recommend electric winches for most fourwheelers.

Electric winches will work without the engine running, which may be necessary in certain situations like a rollover or with a water-flooded engine.

Winch Load vs. Motor Amperage and Line Speed


Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Line Speed and Amp Draw Under Load
Load Linespeed Amp draw
0 lbs. 15.7 feet/minute 115 A
2000 lbs. 9.8 feet/minute 175 A
4000 lbs. 7.2 feet/minute 220 A
6000 lbs. 5.9 feet/minute 280 A
8000 lbs. 4.9 feet/minute 320 A
10000 lbs. 3.9 feet/minute 400 A

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Control ↑TOP


Wired remote?
Wired remote lead length 12'
Wireless remote?
Can add wireless remote?

Winches come with a wired remote, a wireless remote, or both.

Wireless remotes work at a further distance than wired remotes, and have no cables that get snagged. You do need to make sure that the batteries have a charge.

Control Pack

Control pack type Solenoid
Control pack pin count None

Your winch remote actually controls a control pack that uses either solenoids or contactors.

Solenoids are older technology, so you find them on older and budget winches.

Contactor packs are newer technology and are found on newer winches.

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Dimensions ↑TOP


Length 21.9"
Depth 10.5"
Height 5.6"
Weight 85 lb

Read more about how winch line and fairleads affect the weight of your winch.


Fairlead type Steel roller
Fairlead mount distance 10"

You can use an aluminum hawse fairlead ONLY with synthetic winch rope. Steel winch cable will destroy an aluminum hawse.

You can use a steel roller fairlead with steel winch cable or synthetic winch rope.

However, note that every winch rope manufacturer DOES recommend that you switch to an aluminum hawse. This is likely because used steel roller fairleads often have gouges and burrs that can damage a synthetic winch rope.


Mounting pattern 4.5" x 10"
Foot orientation Foot down
Motor clockable?
Gearbox clockable?

Read more about foot-forward vs. foot-down winch mounting.

Read more about winch clocking.

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Details ↑TOP


Finish Black
Bracing Tie Plate
Made in China

In the Box

  • Winch
  • Winch hook
  • Mounting hardware
  • Battery cables
  • Steel roller fairlead
  • Wired remote


2 Year Limited Warranty

Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Installation ↑TOP


Mounting hardware 4 - M10-1.5 x 35mm long bolts, 4 - M10 nuts
Mounting hardware torque 35 lb-ft


Champion 10000 lb Winch 11008 Manual and Parts List ↑TOP